French Angoras for Wool And Love

We are new breeders of French Angora rabbits.  Angora rabbits are wonderful companion animals.  Unknown to many people, they are inquisitive and loving.  These are wonderful family animals, ideal for the backyard homestead, and the urban indoors.  They are gorgeous, intelligent, softer than soft, and provide their owners with amazing wool to spin, felt, or sell.

The Nagy family lives on the Northcoast of Humboldt County, California.  Carin is the bunny mother, caring for the rabbits almost always herself.  Carin’s recent activities have included learning to spin yarn on her Ashford Traditional wheel, learning to raise French Angoras, and juggling her interests with an active family life.  Our daughter, Aleda, plays with and loves the bunnies.  The head of the household, Jozsef, admires the angoras while aspiring to create his own venture, an amphibian and reptile farm.


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