Springtime on the Shore


A bowl full of Florence’s wool from her last shearing.

Spring has been delightful here on the North Coast of California.  Cloudy Shore Angoras has recieved a lovely but small litter of babies from Stella and Charlie.  Stella is nursing  4 kits, a blue, a red-eyed white, a blue torte, and a black.  This is a self rew, which will be retained here to start our own lines.  All of these babies will be showing at the Humboldt County Fair in August, given that they remain healthy.

The amount of angora wool building up around here isn’t as overwhelming as the amount of coats I have to keep up with now.  It seems that there is always something more important to do than to blow out coats and clip toenails, until, poof, there’s a matt!  Well, I try to keep up on it, but it is indeed a never-ending job.


Spinning pure angora wool for the first time.

The upside of having all of this wool around, and wonderful silky wool at that, is spinning it!  I have been dreaming of a shawl made of Florence’s blue smokey wool for some time, and now that I am more experienced with my wool, I can actually start to follow through.  Of course, finishing is the real trick!


Florence’s wool on the bobbin

Unfortunately, my bobbin has stayed looking like this for about a week now.  I am going to have to step up my game.  For some time now, I have been considering scheduling a daily spinning appointment with myself.  Perhaps it is time to follow through.

Or maybe it’s just time for bed.  


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