Easter Bunnies!

I’ve taken on the role of president of the local chapter of the ARBA, and we are trying to raise funds to throw an annual rabbit show.  Our first fundraiser is happening on two days this month, and should be lots of fun.  We are offering Easter rabbit portraits at two local feed stores for $10/sitting.  I think we need a couple thousand dollars to put on a show–a lot of that will be to pay for a judge to come.  Here’s a link to page on the fundraiser http://www.hcrcba.org/march-easter-bunny-event.html.  

I’m also planning to start Aleda in 4-H this year showing one of our French Angoras, Starsong.  Starsong came to us as a rescue, and is going on 5 months of age.  Her breeding is only half known, but she is a very beautiful rabbit, and Aleda likes her.  Although Aleda actually really wants to ride horses, I hope that this will help to involve her more in the rabbitry.


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